Common Install Questions ​

You can attach Polymarm to most surfaces, tile, sheet rock, etc. but if you are doing a complete tear out, we do
recommend you install Hardibacker, green board drywall or other similar water resistant base material. We suggest
using Loctite PowerGrab Ultimate adhesive or Boss 125 Multi-Seal to adhere panels to the walls.

No, you need a larger surface area to adhere to than that. Please use Hardibacker, green board drywall or other similar
water resistant base material.

We suggest you do a light sanding/scuffing of the tile followed by wiping down with a fast flashing solvent like isopropyl
alcohol or acetone. Use Locktite PowerGrab Ultimate, Boss 125 Multi-Seal or equivalent structural adhesive and apply
the adhesive in globs to the tile making sure you make contact where the grout lines cross as they will give you the best

Yes you can, if you want to do that. If installing a tub or shower wall we suggest you pre-drill the holes and fill them with
silicone prior to attaching the screws, also use good quality stainless steel screws for any application that will come in
contact with moisture.

You can use a wide variety of tools such as angle grinders, skill saws, jig saws, etc. The key is to use a fine-tooth blade
and if it is diamond tip, even better! We also suggest you put a strip of masking tape on the face of the panel where you
are going to cut to minimize chipping.

Your Polymarm kit was packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. Use the cardboard to make a template and cut it to size.
Once you verify that the template fits on the wall correctly, you can transfer the outline of the template to the panel and
can cut with confidence. You can also measure the opening where you are going to install the panel in several different
places at both the vertical and horizontal direction in case the walls are not square you can still trim your Polymarm
panels at an angle and have them fit perfectly.

Yes we do, please look us up online at https://www.polymarm.com/

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