Care and maintenance of your Polymarm surround is easy using common household cleaners. Clean with a soft sponge or cloth, and mild nonabrasive cleaners. Often, warm soapy water and a sponge will be adequate for regular maintenance. Polymarm has no grout lines to clean, and is nonporous, so sealing is never required.

Recommended Cleaners:

✔ Fantastic
✔ Windex
✔ Tilex spray
✔ 409 spray
✔ Lime Away spray
✔ Fabuloso
✔ Green Works
✔ Spic & Span spray
✔ Pine Sol
✔ Simple Green


✘ Abrasive or gritty cleaners
✘ Scotch Brite pads
✘ Magic Eraser
✘ Comet Powder or Soft Cleanser
✘ Strong solvents (thinners, acentone, MEK)

Avoid these cleaners, which may damage or dull the glossy surface of Polymarm. Use of these agents will also void the Polymarm warranty.

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