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Polymarm’s inception came as a cry for an alternative aesthetically luxurious material; flexible and durable but still elegant and sleek. We prototyped arduously, inspired by the looks of natural stone such as marble and quartz, aspiring to deliver the best quality. This new amalgamation thrives with both practicality and harmony in mind; An innovative light panel which replicates the richness and intensity of marble. Polymarm strives.

The Advantage

  • Polymarm’s coating makes it resilient against scratches, stains, moisture and impacts, delivering a worry-free experience in your home.
  • The sleek design prioritizes elegance and durability, unaltered by sunlight or household chemicals for years to come.
  • It’s thin and light makeup makes it perfect for renovating projects– no special cutting tools required.
  • A luxury look doesn’t mean expensive: Upgrade your home without upsizing your budget.
  • Our modern designs fit every occasion, keeping your room in harmonious and stylish.

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